Overnight sleep studies are performed in one of our five convenient locations in central Georgia. 

A member of our office staff will contact you to schedule your visit.  You will need to arrive at the lab between 8:15 PM and 9:00 PM.  To assist your physician in making a proper diagnosis we must acquire an appropriate amount of data, which requires a seven-hour study.  Your study will end at approximately 5:30 AM.  If you need to be awakened earlier, please notify the technician upon arrival.

You will be monitored during the study by one of our sleep technicians.  The technician will place electrodes on your head, face, and legs to gather the necessary data during the study.  Belts will also be placed around your chest and abdomen to monitor brain waves, eye movements, airflow from your mouth and nose, snoring, oxygen level, leg movements, and cardiac rhythm (EKG).  Although there will be numerous wires and electrodes attached to you during the procedure, you will still be allowed to get up and go to the restroom if necessary.

Please remember to bring all medications you are currently taking.  The sleep center does not have medications of any kind on hand.  If you require medication to help you sleep it will need to be prescribed by your doctor prior to your study.  Please make sure that your hair and scalp are clean. Do not use any oils, gels or sprays in your hair or on your body the night of the study.  Also, please remove any weaves, extensions, braids or wigs prior to arrival to the sleep center.


Feel free to bring your own pillow, blanket or fan to help you sleep more comfortably.  

Don't forget to bring something to sleep in... pajamas are not provided.  Most of all, come prepared to have a great experience with a health care professional who will put your needs first.